My grandpa was an ardent hobbyist photographer. He always made a point of showing me his latest photo prints when I would visit. On occasion, the family would get pulled in to enjoy one of his travel slideshows shown on an old Kodak carousel projector.

I am sure this is where the seeds were planted for my own photographic journey and desire to travel.


My wife and I live in Austin, Texas. Having moved in 2007 from London and the buzzing circle of creatives there, I was glad to find another here. Together we have had a grand time creating both classic and quirky imagery.


In college I was taught by well-known instructors of the day, who themselves had studied under renowned masters. Their instruction instilled a desire in me to produce classic imagery with integrity and thoughtful consideration. That remains to this day.

My first regular paid photography job was in 1994, photographing high end homes for sale in Southern California. It was years later that I got into stock photography. That is where my education truly continued in learning about quality and relevance of photographs for practical use. It is also the time when I began to really produce imagery more than just capture moments.


So, whether I’m showing up and shooting the unexpected or preparing people and logistics, it is an adventure and puzzle I always look forward to taking on.


When not planning or working a photoshoot, I look for opportunities to:

  • Sit in a quirky coffeehouse with a quality cappuccino
  • Take a long walk through an old city
  • Devour a proper English breakfast
  • Find a reason to get out at sunrise