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Photo Tours with Hammondovi will take you through the Czech Republic to see sites from the capital city of Prague to the romantically picturesque countryside of South Bohemia and through the relaxing spa towns of West Bohemia.

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Czech Republic Discovery Tour:  8-17 May 2016

The Czech Republic Discovery Tour is an opportunity to see various parts of this beautiful country. This Czech photo tour begins in the capital city of Prague (Praha), takes us into south Bohemia to the gorgeous river town of Český Krumlov, and then into the spa town of Karlovy Vary.

Along the way, we will see popular sites and places known more to the locals than international visitors. Sample sites include beautiful vistas of the capital, castles ruins, chateaus still in use, natural springs, communist remnants and even a brewery. Naturally, we will be enjoying the local cuisine and culture along the way. 

Your fee covers all hotel and travel within the Czech Republic plus all breakfasts, dinners, and most lunches.

The extra expenses you should anticipate are: the roundtrip flight to Prague and souvenirs. Czech is world renowned for its pink porcelain and beautiful crystal products.

The Schedule 

Day 1 - Arrive at Prague airport where you are picked up and brought to the hotel. We’ll have an orientation dinner.

Day 2 - Prague tour. We will begin early to catch some of the city before other tourists and workers start to populate the busy capital. Then we take a leisurely pace through the popular areas and a few lesser-known streets.

Day 3 - Karlstejn and Krivoklat Castles. This is a day trip out to visit both of the these beautifully kept castles. We spend most of our daylight hours out and then return to Prague for a free-form evening.

Day 4 - Travel to Český Krumlov via Hluboká Chateau/Červená Lhota. We drive to south Bohemia, pausing at either Hluboká nad Vltavou or Cervena Lhota for a chateau tour and then lunch. After we check into our hotel in Český Krumlov, we’ll have the evening free to explore parts of this city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 5 - Český Krumlov tour. The entire day in this incredible city is ours to tour the castle and take in the vistas and architecture.

Day 6 - Drive to Karlovy Vary. Leaving late morning after check out, our bus shuttles us about 4 hours to our destination. After check-in we have a couple hours of daylight to get a sample of this popular spa town.

Day 7 - Karlovy Vary tour. Colonnades built around the natural hot springs in the valley of this resort town are just one of the many attractions we’ll explore this day.

Day 8 - Andělská Hora, Bečov nad Teplou, Loket. We start early to catch the morning light hitting the castle ruins at Andělská Hora which sits atop a small hill. Then we’re off to Bečov nad Teplou where we tour the chateau until lunchtime. Not far is Loket, our last stop for the day in which we’ll visit a gothic castle and the quaint town square where part of the James Bond “Casino Royale” was filmed.

Day 9 - Cheb & Františkovy Lázně tour. Our shuttle takes us to Cheb first, where we visit the town square holding 13th century buildings still in use. Also of note are the castle and cathedral nearby. Then for the afternoon, we visit the spa town of Františkovy Lázně. Known for its beautiful walking streets and relaxed atmosphere, it also is home of little František - the statue of a young boy thought to promote fertile properties in hopeful women. Then we continue on to Prague for our last night together.

Day 10 - Departure day. We finish our official time together with a late morning check out. You will be taxied to the airport if your flight is on this day.


A little about your photographer guide

I, Geoff Hammond, will be guiding you on this tour. I am a professional photographer living in Austin, Texas. Since 1992, I have enjoyed traveling to Europe and spent 6 years living in the UK and Czech Republic. My wife, Martina, was born in former Czechoslovakia and often says that her husband knows more about certain Czech towns than she does. 

Years ago I taught English in Sokolov, a town in the spa region, and currently lead two mission trips per year to this area. After being immersed in the Czech culture and language I can speak Czech and understand nuances much like a native.

Through my years with iStockphoto, I have organized multiple gatherings for photographers that included scouting for locations, organizing food and accommodation and the social aspects of such events. The years leading mission trips have honed these skills further.
On these tours I am your guide for the culture, geography and photography.





IMG_4096IMG_4096 What you should know about traveling to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is as safe as most western European countries. 

While many merchants will accept the Euro dollar, the official currency is the Czech koruna, aka crown (sign: Kč; code: CZK). It is best to have some cash on hand when you arrive. Traveler’s checks are not as widely accepted. ATM’s are available in most places we will visit. Credit cards are widely accepted, too.

Travel light, especially with your photo gear. Be aware of thieves and pick-pockets in the tourist areas. It is best to keep your gear with you and close by at all times.

Insurance, Immunizations

You will need to arrange for your own insurance to cover accidents, loss, theft, health, etc. Please check with your current provider(s) regarding your coverage. We cannot offer insurance for these tours.

For immunization recommendations, please see the Center for Disease Control website: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/czech-republic

Passport, Air Travel

Be sure you have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond our return date.

Your airfare is not included in the tour price. See the links that follow for airline comparison websites to search for the best deal.

Czech Republic Discovery Tour: 8-17 May 2016

LAST DAY TO REGISTER: 8 February 2016

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